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Welcome to The ABRITE Organization!

The ABRITE Organization was founded by two doctorate level clinicians based on their love for children and their desire to apply their years of the study of learning to children. Dr. Ginger Raabe and Dr. Janice Frederick started ABRITE because of shared belief that every child deserves a brighter future.

The founding directors of The ABRITE Organization began providing services in Santa Cruz County in 2006. Dr. Janice Frederick manages the clinical services in Santa Cruz County and Dr. Valerie Rogers oversees clinical services in Santa Clara County. Dr. Adel Najdowski recently joined the team to create and oversee services for all of Southern California.

Each of three sites offers clinical teams who provide many different types of services that are all based on the science of Behavior Analysis.

Services offered in Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Ventura Counties:

*We are vendored with local Regional Centers.
*We are a Non-Public Agency (NPA) through the California Dept. of Education
*Insurance services via SB946
*Private services

Underlining all of these services is the philosophy that we are and will continue to be a company that does not measure our value by financial prosperity, but instead by the progress of the children and families we serve.