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  • ABA - What is it?
    Applied Behavior Analysis is commonly referred to as ABA

    Behavior analysis is the study of an individual’s learning as a result of interacting with their environment.
  • Our Philosophy
    Dedicated to improving the lives of learners with autism

    ABRITE views each learner as an individual and develops a curriculum addressing the learner’s UNIQUE strengths while remedying deficits.
  • Services
    ABRITE provides individual behavioral services

    Our clinicians specialize in working with learners from 1 to 18 years of age.
  • Our Leadership
    Clinicians dedicated to helping children with the use of science

    ABRITE is run by Directors hand selected based on their love for children and heavily trained in their clinical areas.
  • Our Teams
    Our teams are passionate individuals trained in psychology

    Each learner benefits from multiple team members with advanced training within the field of behavior analysis.
  • Who is ABRITE?
    Biographies and photos of our Clinical Directors and Team Members

    Meet and read about the Clinicians and Team that make the ABRITE Difference.
  • Why ABRITE?
    We take pride in providing services in what we call the ABRITE way

    We believe firmly in the science of behavior analysis and require our team members to be highly trained within this science.
  • Our Story
    Founded through the desire to apply years of study to learning

    Every individual deserves a brighter future and this path is revealed through individual needs and creating the environment to flourish.

What Sets Us Apart From The RestThe ABRITE Organization is firmly grounded in the science of behavior analysis and requires all of our team members to be highly trained within this science.  

Why Choose ABRITE

  • The ABRITE Organization has four directors of our Clinical Services.
  • Each with a Ph.D. from the highly regarded UNR Behavior Analysis Program.
  • A combined total of over 70 years of clinical experience.


We provide extensive training and supervision on a weekly basis for all team members.

PhDs & Masters Level clinicians participate in training and conferences returning to train our team on the latest advancements. 

Our Leadership
Our Staff
sc-countySanta Cruz CountyABRITE Organization’s central admin office serving Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito Counties.Contact
silicon valleySanta Clara CountyWe serve Santa Clara County and it’s nearly 2 million residents from our bay area location.Contact
la venturaLos Angeles CountyOur Sherman Oaks offices service Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.Contact
Orange CountyOrange CountyOur Orange County offices service Anaheim, Santa Ana, Irvine and the greater surrounding areas.Contact